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Fast, Easy List Building Success In Any Niche... With No Solo Ads, Product Creation, Paid Traffic, Or Email Writing? "Can You Even Be Serious, Lee?" You Bet Your Filthy Little Buns I'm Serious, Jack!

Get Ready for the Piggy-Back Ride of Your Life...

Let's just go right ahead and skip all the niceties.  

I'm thrilled that you're here, my name is Lee Murray, yackity-smackity-yarfity-snarfity. Who cares? You wanna know how I'm about to transform the hell outta your life. And I'm bouts ta just straight up tell ya. Sound good?  

Sweet, I'm into it.  

Listen, the “tough stuff” clearly has its place in online money-making. Some folks are technically inclined, can set up business systems with hundreds of moving parts, have no problem developing (or outsourcing) massive, mega-deep sales funnels, etc.  

Many of these “big shots” create huge product lines, multiple sales and squeeze pages, multiple lead capture and “tripwire” products, extensive coaching programs, systematic partnerships, mega launches, huge lists, and on and on...

Are your eyes glazing over yet?

The truth is, people really do make money hand-over-fist online. But most of these people have deep pockets, endless available hours, the finest mentors, pre-established reputations, and other advantages that your average bear simply doesn't have.  

It's not unfair. It's just freakin' life, yo.  

But you don't have to “just get used to it.”  

There are systems designed for quick and easy implementation that can yield regular peeps like us absolutely astonishing returns... earning us healthy, full-time, and most importantly... passive online incomes.

What Is a True, Passive Income?

I know the term gets thrown around all the time... but I believe that it's both misused by most product vendors... and misunderstood by most aspiring marketers.  

“Passive income” literally means that you've built yourself an online asset that continually pays you without any effort whatsoever required on your part. It's completely effortless, beyond its initial setup. Sounds kinda rad, don't it? ;)  

List building and email marketing have the potential to provide this kind of passive income for you. You simply load up your autoresponder with a nice, deep sales funnel, bring people to your squeeze page, and let your emails do the rest.  

But is that really a fully passive process?  

Once the emails are loaded, they're loaded. You don't have to keep loading them. Sure, you can forever add to and deepen your funnel (and I certainly encourage you to do so)... but you clearly don't have to in order to enjoy an ongoing, hands-free income.  

Seriously, an initial setup of 15-30 emails is all you really need.  

Obviously, your squeeze page is a one-time setup too. You don't need to build a new squeeze page every week or whatever. It's clearly a set-and-forget thing.  

But what about the whole “bring people to your squeeze page” part of the equation? Yeah, that's a bit more active, isn't it? You need to keep feeding the machine if you wanna keep getting paid!  

Well, guess what. I think I may even be able to solve this dilemma for you. More on that soon. Stay with me here...  

“But Lee, the Initial Setup Is Hard As Hell, Ain't It?”

Gosh, it most certainly can be. No question.  

I mean, don't get it twisted. It's totally worth the effort. But I know for an absolute fact that most people fail at this stuff because it's just too complicated. There are too many moving parts and technical requirements for most people's blood.  

Think about what's “par for the course” of a solid list building and email marketing campaign. Most successful email marketers have:

  • Created a comprehensive lead magnet (aka freebie offer).
  • Crafted, split-tested, and optimized the perfect squeeze page.
  • Generated bonus-rich download pages.
  • Produced a full “tripwire” (paid product) campaign.
  • Generated a series of upsells.
  • Linked everything together via pre-loaded follow-up email.
  • Built strong relationships with their subscribers over time.
  • Established healthy online reputations for themselves.
  • Grown a massive network of friends, partners, service providers, etc.
  • Answered hundreds of customer questions and replied to hundreds of support tickets.

 And that's just scratching the surface.  

I know many of the people who do this stuff. Hell, I'm one of 'em. But I'm not delusional. The vast majority of up-and-comers (as well as nearly all of those who have perished in this business over the past couple of decades) don't have the ability nor the desire to do all this crazy shiznit.  

I mean, it's a lot of stuff!  

Squeeze pages, thank-you pages, download pages, welcome emails, user engagement, paid products, customer support, brand-building, solo ads, ad swaps, affiliate attraction, social media mastery, blogging, team building... it can take YEARS to figure all this stuff out, and even longer to effectively implement.  

Most of us need money today.  

At a very bare minimum, we need to know that the work we're doing today will generate a real income soon. Days or weeks... not months or years.  

And here's the thing...  

It really can.  

How to Set Your Money-Making On Hyper Speed:

The first thing you need to do if you're committed to gettin' that sweet taste of success in your mouth sooner than later is to skip past 90% of the setup work.  

Sure, you can outsource all the lead magnet setup... and the emails... and well... you can pretty much outsource the entire damn thing. But then it's not really your business. You're not in control because you likely don't even understand your funnel. This is why most DFY funnels fail their users in a big way.  

This is especially true because most of these DFY resources are IM niche exclusive. And if you're operating within the IM space, I can tell you from experience that your prospects will see straight through all the bullshit.  

If you don't have a personality and some strong opinions of your own in this space, you lose... every single effing time. I've never personally seen anyone succeed in this niche (not long-term, anyway) who didn't have a firm handle on their own material. Make sense?  

We'll talk more about why you may wanna avoid the IM niche altogether... and how the system I'm about to introduce you to is custom-tailored for folks who wanna escape the money-making niche once and for all. We'll do that shortly.  

But first, I wanna let you know that there is a secret shortcut you can take where the bulk of your work is done for you... by someone who wants you to succeed every bit as much as YOU want to succeed!  

Huh? Who the hell could that possibly be?  

You're undoubtedly familiar with affiliate marketing, right? An elementary question for many, and I have no intention of insulting your intelligence here. I just wanna make sure that everyone reading this is on the same page.  

Affiliate marketing is when you don't need to have a product of your own. You simply earn commissions promoting other people's products... either digital or physical; it doesn't matter.  

You earn a nice commission, they handle all the customer support.  

Good deal, right? Unfortunately, most affiliates fall into one of three camps:

  1. Direct link affiliates. These cats typically do a lot of blogging and/or article marketing, generating links directly from their content straight to the affiliate offer. If a sale is made, they earn a commission. If no sale is made, they don't. Either way, that's the end of it.
  2. Product vendors. You can be both a vendor and an affiliate. You sell your own products, build a buyers list, and market affiliate offers to that list. This is very smart, and one of my personal favorite ways to do affiliate marketing. Only problem? There is a WORLD of setup work involved.
  3. Freebie list builders. This is much like #2, except for these affiliates build a list full of people who want free shit. They can be a tough sell, unless your follow-up funnel is incredibly compelling, which requires tons of work.

Obviously, all three of these come with their own sets of pros and cons. Direct linking is quick and easy... but it's a one-time opportunity. Either they buy and you never see them again... or they don't buy... and you never see them again.  

Traditional list building, either as a product vendor or a freebie list builder, allows you to capture leads and market to them over and over again. But you need to be an extremely gifted sales person to really maximize these lists... and there is an absolute TON of setup work (building, testing, tweaking, tracking, thinking, etc.) involved.  

This can be confusing, intimidating, and extremely time-consuming.

But What If...

  • What if you could simply ride on the shoulders of an extremely successful product vendor in ANY niche of your choosing, piggy-back style?
  • What if their expertly crafted content could become YOUR content?
  • What if their heavily-tested, totally proven funnels could become YOUR funnel?
  • What if their images could become YOUR images?
  • What if their sales process could become YOUR lead capture process?

This is no joke, amigo. What I'm about to show you is truly the ultimate list building and email marketing shortcut. 90% of the work is already done for you! All you need to do is find your products, plug in their marketing strategy, and ride the shoulders of giants all the way to the promised land!

I Proudly Present to You:

Yes, this really is list building!  

But it's not really freebie list building, as you're not actually giving anything away. You're essentially getting people to opt in so that they can receive a paid offer.  

It's not really buyers list building either. You never have to create a single product... ever. That said, you're still immediately putting your people in a buyers' mindset. Freakin' brilliant! ;)   It's certainly not direct-link affiliate marketing. But...  

It can kinda feel like it. For all intents and purposes, you're sending your audience straight to an affiliate offer. The only difference is, NOW you're building your own product-aware list in the process.  

This really is the best of all possible worlds...

  • It's fast as hell. You can be up and running by tomorrow!

  • It's soooo very easy. Product vendors do 90% of the work for you!

  • It builds your list like crazy. They can't wait to give you their email address to access the “benefit-driven goodies” you've promised them!

  • It puts your peeps in a buyer's mindset right from the beginning!

  • It makes your people aware of the product you're promoting immediately. You can start earning money right outta the damned gate!

  • It's long-term. Your funnel is only limited by the number of products available in your niche. And your business can grow by leaps and bounds any time a new product hits the market!

Will This Really Work In Any Niche?

Let me ask you a question...  

Have you ever seen another list building course where the vendor claims that the product works in any niche, only to find out once you've made your purchase that it theoretically “could” work in other niches, but that it's very clearly geared to work best in the make-money niche?  

...And all of their tutorials and examples reside within in the IM space?  

Yeah, me too. Lots of times. ;)  

“Down and Dirty List Building 2.0” doesn't just work in any niche... it works effing BETTER in niches outside of the IM space.

Yes, it works even better in non-IM niches!

I know, right?  

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that most IM products seem to either only sell for like 7-17 bucks... or the higher-ticket money-niche products are refunded like mad. (There are exceptions... but they really are exceptions.)  

Another reason is that there are no real “staple” (or stable) products in the IM space. Products come and go all the time. If you set up an IM-niche campaign “Down and Dirty List Building” style, you may have to change your entire funnel in just a few short months... if not sooner!  

With other niches, there are products that sell like gang-busters year-in and year-out. These are the “go-to,” staple products in their industry, and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You can promote them long-term, with absolute confidence.  

Moreover, with many other niches – namely those in health-related niches – you can expand your funnel to offer high-ticket, high-commission physical products and CPA offers. This gives you the opportunity to expand in exciting new ways, rather than just offering the same “type” of things over and over again.

***But What About Traffic?***

I promised we'd get to this, and I'm very happy to keep said promise.  

Remember, what we're looking for here is as close to 100% passivity as possible. We want to set our list building and money-making on autopilot... for real, this time! ;)  

The good news is that I've got a great “volume” strategy for you. It's totally free to implement. It does require a bit of elbow grease up front. But once you've done the work, you can enjoy swarms of free, ongoing traffic for years and years to come.  

All of this great, totally passive traffic keeps pouring onto your DDLB 2 style squeeze page and into your affiliate marketing funnel, where there's a good chance that they'll be converted into emphatic, repeat buyers.  

I will share alternative traffic strategies with you, as well.  

I personally like free traffic.   But I'll point you in the right direction for some paid sources, too.  

That said, I will rely heavily upon my preferred traffic generation strategy for the “Down and Dirty List Building” system, which is the passive thingy I just talked about. :)  

In fact, if you'd like to actually watch over my shoulder as I create the content required to make this strategy work, then my BRAND NEW training video tutorial product, called “Spinny-Spin-Spin,” will be available to you as an upsell to DDLB 2 directly after you've made your investment today.  

The upsell is $19.95, and is in absolutely no way required to make DDLB 2 work. I give you a general explanation and examples in the main product. So don't fret, “Spinny-Spin-Spin” is not a required investment.  

DDLB 2.0 will totally suffice.  

But if you actually wanna see me in action, then the 2-hour video tutorial may be something you'd like to consider.  

Anyway, now that we're getting to the business side of things, let's go ahead and talk about today's small investment.

How Much Does “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0” Cost?

This ain't the Price is Right, homie.

Therefore, I'm not gonna play any pricing games with you. :)

Today, your investment is only:


Take it or leave it.  

This is premium-quality stuff. I would never have it any other way. You likely know my reputation. If you don't, then maybe this will help...

This is the lowest the price will ever be. Ever.  

Soon, this will be available on “The IM Rebels” (my team of badasses, including Shane Farrell, Bryan Harkins, Mark Tandan, and myself) site for a bare minimum of $27. We've all decided to stop doing these silly little underpriced WSO's.

Our stuff is FAR too good for this crap.  

Just callin' a spade a spade, captain.  

There isn't a shred of doubt in my entire being that you can use “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0” to transform your reality in the most profound way imaginable... starting today, like right now.  

This is top-shelf, sophisticated training that gets results.  

The beauty lies in its simplicity, speed of implementation, and the absolute JOY of operating within ANY niche of your choosing!  

If this sounds crappy to you, then walk. Let this one-of-a-kind opportunity slip through your fingers and go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before you started reading this page.  

I'll respect your decision and wish you well in your online endeavors, while simultaneously thinking that you're possibly the biggest loon on the damn planet!  

This is especially true when you factor in my guarantee...

90-YEAR 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You're covered, my friend.

I won't let you “be out” anything. I promise that my book is, at a bare-minimum, highly entertaining, extremely educational, and chock-full of golden nuggets...

And at best, it's the exact blueprint you need... the piece of the puzzle that you've been missing all along... the one and only system you will ever need to enjoy a fun, hassle-free, lifetime of success and personal fulfillment.  

If I haven't met my “bare-minimum” promise, then please let me know within 90 years and I will promptly refund every penny of your purchase price on the spot.  

If I haven't met my “at best” promise, then please let me know within 90 years and I will promptly refund every penny of your purchase price on the spot.   

You're About to Make the Best Decision of Your Professional Life:

Remember, “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0” ain't yo' daddy's list building and email marketing course.

  • This works in ANY niche.
  • This is not remotely spammy or scammy.
  • This is fun and totally enjoyable.
  • This is fast, fast, fast!
  • This is the easiest list building process around.
  • This is effective. If the vendor's making money, you can make money!
  • This yields you BIG commissions! (No more $7 bullcrap.)
  • This is extremely cheap, and the traffic is totally effing FREE!
  • This is mindless. It lets you easily piggy-back on others' success!
  • This is ongoing. You can make money with this for years and years!
  • This is passive. Let me say that again. THIS IS PASSIVE!

Passive, easy, dirt-cheap, fast, fun, fulfilling, and hyper effective.


 Click the Order Button Below Now:

 Always In Your Corner,

Lee Murray

P.S. I'm also including the original “Down and Dirty List Building” guide as an additional reference. It will help you along the way. You'll see... :)

P.P.S. I recommend taking advantage of my upsells, too. After you purchase “DDLB 2,” you'll have the opportunity to purchase “Spinny-Spin-Spin” for $19.95... and then my award-winning “Email Slick” at half price.

These additional purchases are not required to make “DDLB 2” work. But damn, will they help! Anyway, I just wanted to answer the inevitable “are there any OTO's” question in advance, and tell you why I recommend them.

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